The following providers are available for new patient appointments:
• Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, D.O.
• Samantha Conroy, FNP
• Margarita Clemons, AGNP
• Robert Staggs, FNP

At this time, we are not accepting new patients who fit any of the following criteria:
• Require chronic pain management narcotic refills
• Are under the age of 16

ATTN: CDL, FAA, Deployment Applicants

Do NOT fill out the below form if you need an FAA, CDL, or Deployment physical. Instead, there are other forms you need to fill out prior to scheduling and you can access them at the links below.


If you have any questions about the forms, give us a call at 520-439-5186

Below, you may fill out and submit our new patient form.
We require completed paperwork prior to scheduling an appointment.
Please allow 1 business day for processing.